Suleman Khel Qabail Itehad Pakistan

“Our duty, Serve to humanity.”

Right to Education and the Right to Health are some of the basic rights which every individual of this country should be provided with, irrespective of their social status. SQI Foundation leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that every individual who has been deprived of these for some reason. At the same time, our aim is not just to teach people but to empower them with the abilities to have access to all the basic necessities of life enabling them to earn respect and dignity for themselves and their future generation.
Gull Meer khan


Our foundation is with a motive for the development of poor childrens, orphans, Farmers, Women empowerment, Old age people, helpful persons, in the segment of Health, Education, Meal, Sustainable development etc.


Members who play a different role in serving the nation of humanity and delivering the basic issues of the people to the relevant institutions.

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We are very grateful for the support that we get from many individual people that make our work possible.